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Is swearing such a terrible thing?

Photo by Julien L on Unsplash

I dropped the F-bomb this morning when I was making my bulletproof coffee because it was accidentally sprayed out from a broken plastic cup that I use to blend it in.

The hot liquid hit my forearm, and fuck spilled out of my mouth. My son didn’t say anything and kept reading his book while eating his cereal. I apologized for my foul language; he’s been letting it slide as he’s getting older.

It’s not his first time hearing his mom swear, it’s not my most classy side, but it is an authentic side of mine.

Sometimes I can’t help…

When you finally have the F, this moment

Unsplash Brett Jordon

I have wasted too much energy on many beautiful men that have walked into my life, especially on the most recent one. It embarrasses me to tell you how long I felt for this person, so I won’t mention it.

I cast him back into the sea a few times, knowing that his toxic behaviours were the most unattractive thing about him, but I always can see behind the mask and facade, and I felt there was an in-depth soul that I was supposed to know.

My institution kept pulling me towards him with confusion that it had me believing…

Endings mean there is a chance of a new beginning

Photo by Zoriana Stakhniv on Unsplash

Leaving each other can be difficult. It can take years to get through the storm. Falling in love, getting married and having children are the exciting parts of the relationship, but no one can prepare you for the ending.

We are told that it’s not supposed to end, but it does for about fifty percent of us.

Endings mean there is a chance of a new beginning: a fresh start, a new perspective on life. Sometimes staying in a relationship when it’s overdue is just wasting each other’s time. …

Finding out who you are is not so dull.

By Natural Women Collection

Getting sober has become a new trend. I’ve just gone through it. Well, sober curious, which is now the new term I’ve been coming across; Ruby Warrington wrote a book about it that I found online.

How different would your life be if you stopped drinking on auto-piolet? or all together? Some of the questions forming the thesis of Sober Curious.

Sober Curious demonstrates how alcohol is a weak imitation of the joy, inspiration, confidence, connection, and overall sense of aliveness that can only be generated from within — while offering a tantalizing glimpse of the well-being that awaits when…

How you can physically change your brain

By Loe Moshkovska from Pexels

Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to reorganize and adapt from the result of experience.

I took this quote directly off my Instagram that I posted a few months ago when I decided to give up alcohol three months after the Christmas holidays to rewire my mind.

The longer one goes without alcohol, the more chance you can recover from the substance if it’s stopped for some time.

The reason for this is synaptic pruning. …

Steps on building confidence in everything you do

By Moose Photos from Pexels

I’ve been feeling bummed out the past few days, the same insecurities keep popping up in my head, and I keep contemplating about old past stuff that doesn't serve me anymore.

Some of that stuff, feeling inadequate in my server job. I serve in a high-end restaurant in the core of the downtown center in my city, it’s well known, and I appreciate the job security especially finishing my nutritional program and now becoming more consistent in my writing career.

The feelings that keep surfacing are watching other people who got hired after me and being offered opportunities in management…

I share the same attributes of the millionaire's mind, you can too

By Gabby K from Pexels

I’ve decided that I want to be a self-made millionaire. Supposably if you decide you want something in life, you will get it. That’s the wisdom of the law of attraction. After bingeing some of my favourite teachers, such as Abraham Hicks, my perception and mindset have changed.

By the way, I’m nowhere near making millions yet, but I will. When you put your mind to what you want, the universe opens new paths for you with new opportunities because you’ve asked for them, but most of all, trusting, having faith and believing in yourself.

My first opportunity was going back to school to educate myself.

Education is important for self-made…

Finding a formula that works for you

By Negative Space from Pexels

As I lacked the motivation to attend my online class and wanted to cancel plans with friends, I felt I needed a day off from life’s responsibilities. Mostly my neck started to spasm from a minor car accident a few months ago, which now had me laid up on my outdoor patio staring at the big blue sky.

While watching clouds casually float by, I had an epiphany that today was supposed to be my brainstorming day for some new content that I’ve wanted to write. …

Don’t forget to get your sex checkup

By Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

I waited patiently for my doctor to call Friday morning. The appointment for my results was initially a week from now, but because I was too worried about my STD test, I had to reschedule with a different doctor.

A few months ago, I had unprotected sex with someone I had a short fling with.

Too many drinks? Yes maybe. Nativity, yes, also perhaps. We both decided to sleep together without mentioning the condom part.

I decided it would be wise to get tested.

Fast forward to a few months later, when I knew this wasn’t going to be someone that I would continue to date.

I decided it…

When one door closes, another opens


Yep, I got fired at thirty-seven; I had it coming, I suppose. My attitude towards my managers was unprofessional during an unfortunate incident.

Although I was sticking up for myself because of a creepy guest, my emotions got the best of me, resulting in my dismissal.

Even though I didn’t feel this at the time, It was truly the best thing that ever happened to me. Getting fired jumped started my writing career. …

Jennifer Pitts

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